Handcrafted Shoes from the Marrakesh Market

Who doesn’t love shoes? Especially when they are a bit quirky—and don’t cost a fortune!

I found shoes in Marrakesh, Morocco. 


A few years ago my dad had a conference in Marrakesh and he brought me back a pair of these hand made leather shoes from the Marrakesh Market. At first I was a bit sceptical about these dynamite red pointy shoes since they were unlike any shoes I had ever seen before. After wearing them out once, and getting endless compliments from strangers, the shoes quickly won me over!

At the time I would never have thought that I would get the opportunity to travel to Morocco. However, a few years later I had a chance to visit Marrakesh myself—and buy another pair of these exquisite handcrafted shoes!


Visiting Morocco and experiencing the Marrakesh market is probably one of my best memories abroad. Anyone who has visited will understand that it is difficult to describe the market and the county merely with words—the place really requires all your senses.

While in Morocco, I stayed with a dear friend from Marrakesh, who gave me the local experience. She showed me around a lot, and of course the famous Marrakesh market couldn’t be missed. At the market, she helped me out with bartering with the local vendors—and ensured that I got excellent deals!

 IMG_1983 IMG_1984

Besides a traditional teapot, delicious dates and freshly squeezed orange juice, I purchased my own pair of hand crafted leather shoes. This time, I chose a light pink pair of pumps. However, finding the perfect pair was almost impossible simply because there is so much choice (these crafted shoes are evidently popular goods at the market).

Eventually I chose a pair and even 5 years later, they serve me well. What I really love about these handcrafted shoes is that they are all unique. Each pair is made from dyed leather and is then engraved with traditional patters to give a two-tone effect. They are also surprisingly comfortable because the leather moulds to fit you perfectly. As a bonus, they cost me only about $10!

IMG_1975 IMG_1977


I also love things that aren’t merely store-bought. Not only are these shoes special because they are from an exotic location, they were originally a present handpicked from my dad. Furthermore, whenever I wear my handcrafted shoes, I am transported back into that chaotic Marrakesh market: the colourful stalls, the beautiful crafts, the smell of cinnamon and nuts roasting and I can almost taste the traditional mint tea!

Bee X


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